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B.C.D.R. is divided into two different phases/components:

Business continuity and disaster recovery (B.C.D.R. or BC/DR) is a set of processes and techniques used to help an organization recover from a disaster and continue or resume routine business operations. It is a broad term that combines the roles and functions of IT and business in the aftermath of a disaster.

Business Continuity (BC): BC deals with the business operations side of B.C.D.R. It involves designing and creating policies and procedures that ensure that essential business functions/processes are available during and after a disaster. BC can include the replacement of staff, service availability issues, business impact analysis and change management.

Disaster Recovery (DR): DR is primarily focused on the IT side of B.C.D.R. It defines how an organization’s IT department will recover from a natural or artificial disaster. The processes within this phase can include server and network restoration, copying backup data and provisioning backup systems.
Typically, most medium and large enterprises have an integrated B.C.D.R plan or separate BC and DR plans for dealing with unforeseen natural or man-made disasters.

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